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Getting To the Root Cause Of Candida Once And For All!

My Story To Full Recovery From Candida Yeast Infection

For almost a decade, I suffered from a wide range of body aches pains that I never quite understood. Although there were obvious symptoms such as chronic rashes, food allergies, irritability, and restlessness, no doctor had been able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong with me.

It all started when I was in my 30’s, and I was prescribed many types of antibiotics and supplements that only seemed to work for a week or two. After short-term benefits, the symptoms reacquired, and it made me feel even worse – not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically, as well. In fact, some of my friends and family thought I was only being overly dramatic, and others wondered if I was being a hypochondriac.

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Before I share the rest of my experience with you, I would like to share with you why my husband helped me set up this website. To cut a long story short, we were so impressed with my results from the cleanse and diet, it made us want to help other women and men suffering from Candida.

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As you already know there’s a lot of misguided information about candida yeast infection online … I went through hours and hours of research before I found the answers that showed me the way to full recovery.  From reading my personal experience I hope it will help you or your loved one gain their vibrant health back!

My Challenges Continued

Believe me, it was a major challenge for me dealing with all sorts of symptoms without ever knowing what exactly was wrong with me. Some of the doctors I consulted told me that I was suffering from food allergies, so I was prescribed to take antihistamines and topical creams to get rid of my rashes.

When that didn’t work, I saw another doctor who recommended I try steroids and antibiotics. I knew these medical experts meant well by pointing me towards various types of medications, but the weight on my pocket was just unbearable. I realized I had been spending hundreds of dollars for medications, creams, and most types of anti-fungal products that hardly ever worked (permanently, that is).

The Road To Being Yeast Infection Free

Waking up each day with unbearable and even embarrassing symptoms was never easy, and it added to my stress at work. My friends even asked me if something was bothering me, and some who meant well referred me to see an endocrinologist, a gynecologist, and even an ear specialist, so I could put an end to my symptoms.

I also tried researching about holistic practices that can help treat all types of symptoms. I tried acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines, and several others. Holistic medicine sounded quite safe and harmless to me, so I gave it a try. Although several holistic techniques helped me to relax, my yeast infections remained untreated – and they just got worse in some occasions.

All I knew was things were not getting any better. I felt terrible, irritable, and just plain unattractive. What’s more, I felt like I wasn’t myself any more because I looked so stressed out because of my condition. I began to suffer from hair loss, my eyes looked dull and tired, and I also developed stomach problems.

Can A Candida Cleanse & Diet Really Work?

I decided to conduct my own research and looked for the best Candida cleanse or any technique that could solve my problems once and for all. During my research, I stumbled upon this amazing video that featured Linda Allen, who was a former sufferer of yeast infection, certified nutrition specialist, medical researcher and author.

Naturally, I thought to myself that it was just another sales page like almost everything found online. However, there’s just something about the video that made me realize that everything I have been doing to treat my yeast infection was only a band-aid solution. So, my symptoms just keep coming back in spite of the fact that I had spent a large amount of money already!

Listen To Linda Allen’s Personal Experience With Candida & Her Breakthrough Program

(To watch Linda’s video click the blue link below)

What makes Linda Allen’s program unlike any other you can find online is that she does not focus on providing people with snake-oil treatment or band-aid solution to their problem. As she said, the key is to target the root cause of yeast infections.

By eliminating the root cause, you will experience long-lasting relief from any symptoms linked with Candida such as fatigue, exhaustion, irritability, stomach issues, rashes, vaginal problems and many others.

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I Finally Found The Answers To Being Candida Free!

So I tried her Candida Cleanse diet, together with some of her other recommendations – and everything worked great! I thought to myself that this woman sure knows what she is saying when she gives people relevant details to cure Candida. As well, she introduced the 5 important keys about yeast infections such as the following:

  • Taking anti-fungal drugs only worsens your yeast infections
  • Using anti-fungal creams are worthless because they ignore the root of your problem
  • There is an important link between yeast infections and diet, yet there is no single special diet to cure Candida
  • Drugs only tend to ignore what your body tells you
  • When there is a disruption of your internal environment, this can lead to an overgrowth of yeast in your body

The bottom line is that her program “Yeast Infection No More” offers a solid, safe and highly effective treatment option for yeast infections of all types. There are also must-read topics included in the program such as the following:

  • 5-step to getting rid of yeast infection (p. 82)
  • Cardinal sins of various yeast infection treatment (p. 39)
  • Potent and unique protocols to get rid of Candida and its symptoms in as little as 2 days (p. 70)
  • How to diagnose Candida by CDSA, live cell microscopy (p. 56)
  • Ways to optimize your body’s internal PH and maintain the perfect alkaline-acid balance (p. 101)

She even provides 3 months free email support with her personally. This support was invaluable to my full recovery!

I owe it to Linda’s breakthrough program that featured not only the infamous Candida Cleanse diet and treatment options, but also her enlightening discoveries about the cause, symptoms, and best ways to treat yeast infections.

I knew I had made the right decision of applying her tried and tested techniques, (she was a yeast infection sufferer, too!) and my life has never been the same since my total recovery from Candida. Now, I’m full of energy, vitality, and I feel more beautiful than ever. Indeed, it was a life-changing experience for me to try her program, and hundreds and thousands of other users worldwide will attest to my words.

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4 Responses to “Getting To the Root Cause Of Candida Once And For All!”

  1. Melainie says:

    I have had some issues with Candida for many years without really getting to understand what can really help. Medications haven’t helped which has affected my life dramatically, I find Linda’s audio above encouraging and gives me hope. I will check out her video for more information…thank you so much for this fantastic article and sharing your personal experience with candida.

    • Lisa says:

      Your welcome Melainie, I know how frustrating it can get when nothing seems to work…I’m sure the cleanse & diet will help you. All the best!

  2. Carla Llyod says:

    I found your site searching for healthy foods and liked it a lot. I have some friends who suffer from Candida, I will defiantly recommend this to them.


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