Linda Allen – Expert On Candida Yeast Infection

Yeast infections can either be a transient inconvenience or a chronic problem. Those who experience them in the latter way have a very different attitude towards yeast infections than those who haven’t had to deal with them over and over. Linda Allen is a healer and nutritionist who’s determined to provide the help these sufferers need.

Would You Like To Know More About Linda Allen?

As the author of the popular e-book “Yeast Infection No More”, Allen has been spreading her wisdom to interested parties for quite some time. It’s evidently been making a difference, because positive reviews abound all over the Internet! Readers who have gone through her book and put its suggestions into practice experience a dramatic improvement in their ability to deal with Candida Yeast Infections.

The key to Linda’s teachings on beating Candida yeast infections is a genuinely holistic approach. What this means is that she recommends a full-spectrum treatment. She recognizes that recurrent yeast infections are commonly a symptom of a larger health fault, one that needs to be treated with more than a simple shot of anti-fungal drugs.

Natural Holistic Approach or Conventional Medicine?

Allen is not alone in this view of chronic yeast infections as a greater health problem. Alternative medicine experts have been looking at this issue for decades now, starting with Dr. William Crook’s path finding research in the 1980’s. Although the problem is too complex to admit of a single “one size fits all” solution, alternative practitioners have experienced great success dealing with chronic yeast problems through holistic means.

She is one such practitioner. She has an extensive background in medical research and health consultation, and she’s certified to provide professional nutritional consultation. This expertise is definitely in evidence in her book “Yeast Infection No More,” which provides a ream of useful holistic treatment approaches.

Can Changes To Your Diet Have Dramatic Results?

Dietary considerations are a top priority for the treatment of recurrent yeast infections. Allen recommends a dramatic alteration of diet to alter the body’s chemical landscape and make it a less attractive home to yeasts like Candida. The value of raw, fresh foods is explained in detail, and Allen provides easy-to-follow nutritional guidelines.

Candida and Yeast Infection Expert Linda Allen

Detoxification is another holistic technique that therapists like Allen find to be highly effective. Once again, she’s not hesitant about providing step-by-step instructions that will enable a yeast infection sufferer to assemble their own usable detox protocol.

This brings up a decent, wider point: Despite delving into the medical details of yeast infections very thoroughly, Linda Allen is more interested in providing aid to the ordinary sufferers dealing with the condition. Although she presents a wealth of information in her books, she keeps it as accessible and easy to understand as possible.

While she’s assembled the best treatment options she’s created a single therapeutic system, the one outlined in her book, Allen also keeps tabs on new developments that may provide further assistance to chronic yeast infection sufferers. She’s constantly refining both her skills and her knowledge so that she can produce (and share!) even better ways to overcome yeast infection problems.

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  • Roberta September 21, 2014, 12:28 pm

    I’ve followed naturalistic principles and a healthy low sugar diet for over 40
    Years. In spite of it I’ve suffered from Candida for 15 years.
    I manage it, but the past while I seem to have gotten it in my eyes
    It’s very uncomfortable and “unsightly”. No one seems to know what to do
    Please help

    • Lisa September 23, 2014, 4:19 am

      Hi Roberta,

      I don’t know your exact situation with Candida. However my recommendation is to start a Candida cleansing diet… Linda is the expert, check out her video. I’m sure she can give you the answers you are looking for.

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